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Dassault Mercure Empty Dassault Mercure

Post  DerekCZ Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:55 am

• What is it?
The Dassault Mercure is a failed French Airliner manufactured by Dassault to compete with the 737. Dassault predicted hundreds of orders, but ended up selling only 11. The only operator of the Mercure was Air Inter

Dassault Mercure 300px-Air_Inter_Dassault_Mercure_at_Basle_-_February_1985

• Why should it be in WAS?
Usualy, most planes can be substituted by another plane, for example a Boeing 737 can replace an Airbus A320 on it's route. However - the Dassault Mercure aims for a completely different market than any airliner that is flying currently. And this market also exists in OpenTTD; high-capacity regional routes. This plane has much shorter range than the 737, but it can carry more passengers and is much cheaper.

Dassault Mercure 220px-Dassault_Mercure_Passenger

• Specifications
Cost: €918,750 Speed: 1041 kph
Capacity: 162 passengers, 17 bags of mail
Running cost: €99,600/yr
Range: 320 tiles
Designed: 1971 Life: 20 years
Max. reliability: 98%

Cost and running cost are 8-factor, range is normal

Dassault Mercure 220px-Dassault_Mercure_Le_Bourget_FRA_001

• Conclusion
If added, this plane would introduce a completely new type of routes to the game. It is basicaly an A380 of regional aircraft. Also, plane like this would be the perfect way to connect two hub airports in cargodist-enabled game without wasting too much space with turboprops or too much money with planes that are intended for long routes.
I don't want to be the "do this for me guy", I just wanted to introduce this plane to you, maybe some of you will get interested and maybe add it to the game Wink
Of course I will try to make the sprite myself, but I can't promise anything, I can't even make a nice-looking livery...


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Dassault Mercure Empty Re: Dassault Mercure

Post  RvP93 Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:21 am

Hi Derek,

I would say give it a shot and make a greyscale!

Looking forward.

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